Upcoming Events

all-day End of Q3
End of Q3
Mar 23 all-day
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/end-of-q3?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.nqhh0uslfjdkplp95e60saoqqo&hs=121
2:30 pm 2:30 Friday Dismissal
2:30 Friday Dismissal
Mar 23 @ 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/early-dismissal?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.6ps019klo6h4o7k4ijbccdppv0&hs=121
all-day NO CLASS: Spring Break, Staff Re...
NO CLASS: Spring Break, Staff Re...
Mar 26 – Mar 29 all-day
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/no-class-spring?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.tdj7isjalc1tsvpcq5f9acj998&hs=121
all-day NO CLASS: CJA Closed
Apr 2 all-day
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/no-class-cja?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.v9c2pv31ae6uj90bg4g4g3cr84&hs=121
2:30 pm Early Dismissal
Early Dismissal
Apr 5 @ 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/early-dismissal?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.hvm9237vmuccitvo2jg1qmjsmg&hs=121
3:30 pm Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences
Apr 5 @ 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm
This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cjacademy.org/parent-teacher?hceid=Y2phY2FkZW15Lm9yZ19yMHU2Z25wdWo3NGNianVjYzAyZmg4dW81MEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.m4u0rrfdgckuqtqlvmkoecskhc&hs=121

Job Opportunities


Students who attend Chicago Jesuit Academy will be the next generation of leaders in the City of Chicago.  Therefore, talented men and women who wish to be employed by Chicago Jesuit Academy as teachers or staff must demonstrate a past and continued commitment to academic excellence, professional development and the best ideals of the Roman Catholic faith.

Chicago Jesuit Academy is currently accepting applications for:

Major Gift Officer
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

Development Operations Manager
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

Faculty Member--Art Teacher
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

Learning Specialist
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

School Social Worker
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

Faculty Member
Chicago, IL 60644  |  Full-time

Strong candidates for teaching and staff positions are disciplined workers, compassionate listeners and tireless advocates for the young men they serve.  Most importantly, they approach their work as a vocation.  The success of our students hinges upon the determination and excellence of our faculty and staff.  As a full-scholarship middle school, Chicago Jesuit Academy succeeds because of the generous sacrifices made by our students, parents, faculty, staff, volunteers and benefactors.

Strong faculty and staff candidates will have knowledge of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm and believe in an education that forms the whole person—cura personalis in the Jesuit tradition.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to review the Ten Fundamental Principles of a Jesuit Education at Chicago Jesuit Academy  and the following document on Ignatian Pedagogy prior to submitting a formal application.

Non-discrimination Policy:  Chicago Jesuit Academy does not discriminate in any manner contrary to law or justice on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, veteran’s status or national origin in its educational programs or activities, including employment and admissions.  At the same time, Chicago Jesuit Academy cherishes its right and duty to seek and retain personnel who will make a positive contribution to its religious character, goals, and mission in order to enhance the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.