Chicago Jesuit Academy students work toward the Jesuit scholastic ideal of eloquentia perfecta.  They learn to think critically, write lucidly and speak articulately. Their course of studies includes Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Fine Arts.  By graduation, our students are prepared to succeed at Chicago’s most rigorous college prep high schools as well as boarding schools around the country.  Most importantly, CJA graduates are invited to understand that they are called to serve others with the gifts God has entrusted to them.

All students at Chicago Jesuit Academy:

  • Benefit from a small-school setting where they are known and loved
  • Learn in classes of 14-16 students in third through fifth grade
  • Learn in classes of 16-18 students in sixth through eighth

We know that all students are capable of learning with the right support. Our team of learning specialists and social workers ensure our students have the academic and social-emotional tools they need to succeed.