Our students make remarkable progress over their years at CJA – progress that allows them to chart a different path to high school, college and beyond.

Average Yearly Growth, Fifth-Eighth Grade, Classes of 2013-2017

CJA’s last five graduating classes have made, on average, 1.5 grade levels of growth in Language and 1.6 grade levels of growth in Math and Reading each year on their TerraNova test. These classes graduated testing, on average, at the ninth- or tenth- grade levels on all subjects.

High School Graduation Rates, Class of 2013-2017

Of CJA’s oldest alumni, 98% have graduated from high school in five years, compared to 73% for all students in Chicago Public Schools, roughly 57% for African-American males city-wide and less than 50% for students attending neighborhood high schools in CJA’s service area.

Current Status of CJA College-Age Alumni

Overall, 98.6% of CJA alumni have graduated or are on track to graduate high school within five years. Of our college-age alumni, 90% are enrolled in two- or four-year colleges, serving in the military or meaningfully employed. CJA’s College-Persistence Team is in active contact with 96.7% of our alumni.