Culver Academies Renaissance Man

Joseph Parker: CJA Class of 2020

Joseph Parker knew he was going to attend Culver Academies since the summer of 6th grade when he attended Culver summer camp. When the time finally came to enroll in high school, he made such an impression that Tom Coyne, Content Specialist at Culver, called him “Culver’s Version of a Renaissance mana well-rounded student of varied interests and talents with a thirst to be constantly learning and challenging himself”. A year later, that sentiment holds true. 


When the CP Office thinks about who has made the most of their high school experience, Joseph always comes to mind. Joseph will be entering into his senior year this fall with a resume that speaks for itself: track & field, theater, concert band, fencing, Black Student Union and Christian Ministries, just to name a few. CP supports students to and through high school with the hopes that they will explore passions, interests, and skills to better shape their idea of what they want to do post high school. Not only is Joseph’s schedule jam-packed with extracurriculars, but he still prioritizes his academics and qualifies for A’s Pay! 


Joseph is feeling excited about this school year because the opportunities of leadership that he has in front of him include becoming a platoon leader, a first mate, and XO for the drill team. He feels confident about finding a good fit college option or pathway.