I think the definition of success means something different for everyone – but I measure it through growth and impact. I think if you’re evolving and growing constantly, as well as having a positive impact on those around you, then you’ve found your niche, and that is the ultimate success.


CJA alum class of 2023

I’m most proud of my progression, especially in the last 3 years. I have grown into a young man. I have a union job and my own apartment. To get a position that the union offers is a major step for me.


CJA alum class of 2023

Support for Alumni Moving Directly to Careers

We support our alumni as they chart their unique paths to careers. Some alums are passionate about pursuing technical training or a certificate program after high school. The five CJA alums pictured to the left are a great example of this. They recently graduated from 548 Enterprise Solar Technician Training. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish as they begin careers in this growing industry.