School Nurse


Chicago Jesuit Academy’s nursing care extends well beyond the typical care found in most schools. Nurse Kiefer works to ensure each student has an up-to-date physical on file, has daily check-ins with students in need of dietary supplements, helps with nutritional interventions and works to address sleep hygiene issues. She also coordinates myriad partnerships, services and referrals for outside service providers.

During fall orientation, Nurse Kiefer and the social workers meet with families to create student wellness plans. Examples include plans to manage on-going illnesses such as asthma or diabetes.


The nurse’s office also coordinates a mobile dental clinic each Spring in conjunction with the Children’s Clinic of the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society. The dental clinic offers free, on-campus teeth cleanings and dental screenings. Similarly, CJA partners with Loyola University’s Mobile Medical Clinic to administer free on-site physicals and immunizations for rising 6th graders.

During COVID 19, Nurse Kiefer has been in contact with families, alumni, faculty and staff where needed to source medical services and even locate medical provisions like face masks. In addition, from March 2020 to May 2021 CJA administered a program of pastoral wellness calls. Each week, these calls served as an informal way to check in with CJA families and help connect them to the social services and support they needed, many of which were offered by CJA directly.