Social Work

Chicago Jesuit Academy’s Social Work Team consists of seven social workers. Among the seven social, one is the Director of Social Work Services and one is the Director of Trauma Informed Care.

If a student needs support, the Social Work Team will either meet with the student individually or in group therapy or connect the student with an outside service provider that specializes in a particular need. The Social Work Team also creates classroom interventions for students to practice self-regulation and calming behaviors such as scheduled breaks and the use of coping tools. If and when our students or alumni are faced with a traumatic event such as a death in the family, community violence or interactions with the justice system, the Director of Trauma-Informed Education coordinates response efforts to support the student and the community through the event.

During COVID-19, our Social Work Team began tele-therapy with students. Starting in Fall 2020, they will continue to provide tele-therapy and also work in-person with those students who are in the building for proctored eLearning.

The Social Work Team has also mobilized self-care challenges and provided Trauma-Informed Care resources, education and opportunities to faculty and staff. In addition, with the support of the pastoral wellness team, they have advocated for families who have lost jobs and connected families with resources outside the scope of CJA’s abilities.