Class of 2028

What’s it like being a third grader?
Good. I like Math. We’re learning three digit subtraction, four digit addition and we do math games. In Humanities right now we’re learning about Martin Luther King. I also like reading.

What do you like to do outside of the CJA?
Go to the playground. I like the swings. I go up pretty high and jump off the swings. I also like to sleep and eat noodles.

What are some of your favorite memories of this year?
Getting new teachers: Ms. Kuhns and Ms. Amaro. They’re nice. I learn a lot. Class is fun, and I like my classroom.

What’s your favorite thing about CJA?
I like my classmates and my teachers. My favorite subject is Math. I also like recess and gym because I like basketball!

What’s your favorite subject?
Math. I’m learning division. So, six divided by three, you think what times three equals six. So two. So, six divided by three equals two.

Why do you think it’s important that we enroll girls at CJA?
Because it’s not fair for all boys to go but girls don’t. It will be fair for all girls and boys.

What are you excited about with the campus expansion?
There’ll be a new library. And the art studio, and I can draw there.

What do you like to draw?
Cartoons of books I like, like Dogman.

What are you thankful for?
My teachers because they’re nice!

I heard a story about you doing something really thoughtful for your classmates during Christmas break. Can you tell me about that?
I drew pictures for everyone in my class. I drew Sonic [the Hedgehog], and some Freddy Fazbear and Rainbow Friends. I gave a picture to everyone after break.

Wow, that is loving! Speaking of loving, what is your favorite grad-at-grad value?
Seeking intellectual excellence. We learn about self control and controlling our body and emotions so we can learn in class. And when we’re feeling big emotions, we take deep breaths so we can keep learning.