Class of 2027

Tell me a little bit about what it’s like being a fourth grader.
Being a fourth grader is very fun. We get to do a lot of activities. We get to learn different things that we never did. We get to learn different strategies. Sometimes if we know something in like, Math, we don’t like to raise our hand to show up the person [answering]. We like to give other people a chance.

Why is it important to give other people a chance to answer?
That’s important because you don’t want to be the only person that’s getting a turn. If that person wants some help, I raise my hand and give them a few strategies to help them out.

That’s a really good teaching tool. Do you think maybe you would want to be a teacher one day?
Well, I think I’m gonna be an engineer because I like to learn about cars.

What do you like to do when you’re not here at CJA?
I usually play games or watch YouTube about cars and how you build them.

If you could drive, what would you want to drive?
A Tesla.

Wow! Me too. Have you been able to take a tour of the construction site?
Yeah. I think it’s gonna be really cool, especially since there’ll be electric chargers in the garage, and they’re going to help CJA and the city because it’s going to save more money.

What’s your favorite thing about CJA?
My favorite thing about CJA is the teachers and field trips. There are different field trips and some are very fun.

So, what’s been your favorite field trip?
I forget what it’s called but it had a corn pit? Yeah, it had, like, a corn maze. It had a ride. It was a pretty fun place. We had cinnamon doughnuts.

You also said you like the teachers. What do you like about the teachers?
They plan fun games, and they have fun activities. We learn a lot. We learn different strategies. We learn things that we never knew before, and they are giving us new things to learn and push us.

What’s your favorite subject at CJA?
Math. It’s hard. It’s more strategies. It’s different things you can solve in different ways. Like, if I’m getting stuck on a problem, I like to see what strategy can I use to solve this problem.

The Learning Resource Team works with every grade. What is something they have taught you?
They’ve taught me Reading, to tap out words.

How do you tap out words?
You use two fingers, and then when you get done tapping out the word you blend it all together. We can try “lunch.” So luh-un-ch, lunch.

What do you think about the fact that we have girls at CJA?
Good because it’ll turn into a bigger school, and it’s going to be more people. It wouldn’t be kind if we didn’t have girls.

What’s something that you’re feeling thankful for?
I’m thankful for CJA, my family and Jesus.

Do you have a favorite grad-at-grad value?
One is loving and one is committed to doing justice. Loving, because you love your family members, and justice, because you’re doing something and you’re doing the right thing.