Class of 2027

What’s it like being a fourth grader?
Sometimes it’s difficult, but sometimes it’s actually easy, because they actually teach us a lot in this school. I’ve been learning a lot since I came to the school. It’s a really great school, to be honest.

Your brother is in sixth grade; what’s it like to go to school with your brother?
We go in the same car. We don’t really talk in the car. We really just like, look out and see if we’re at CJA yet.

How has your year been so far?
It’s really great because I’ve learned cooking, doing more art and also getting stronger with sports.

Wow – cooking! Are you in Culinary Arts Club?
I was there last quarter. We cooked cookies. We also cooked…some more cookies. Also, a Christmas Salad.

What’s a Christmas Salad?
It’s all of these fruits for Christmas. It’s from Mexico.

What’s your favorite subject and why?
I would say Math because I’m really good at Math. I like the fractions and timesing… multiplying.

Social workers help teach social-emotional learning classes. What’s something you’ve learned this year?
I have learned about the zones. The green zone is like, happy, self controlled, calm. And I think the yellow zone is frustrated, wiggly and silly, and excited. And then the blue zone is like sad, tired.

What do you do to help yourself get to the green zone?
I will just think of something that is happy, like, happy family moments.

What is it like being the first group of girls to enroll at CJA?
Actually pretty cool because there’s no other girls here. I think it’s important so people can get to know more people and also because girls really want to be at this school.

What are you thankful for?
I’m thankful to be accepted at CJA.

We’re making the campus bigger. What are you excited about with that new building?
I’m excited to see all the classrooms, and I might be in one of the classes there.

What do you like about CJA?
One thing I like about CJA is that they helped me learn more and helped me get to the level I’m supposed to be. I also definitely like the lunches. My favorite is the pozole with chips.

What’s your favorite grad-at-grad value?
Loving. Because I go show people how much I love them, like my brother, like my mom.

How do you show people that you’re loving?
I give them hugs.

Do you have anything else that you want people to know about you or your time at CJA?
I would say that I had a really fun time here. I want to go here, every single grade.
I really want to stay here until high school.