Class of 2027

What is it like to be a fifth grader at CJA?

I like our teachers. If you don’t get the concept, or if you need help, the teachers are there to help you. They’re going to lead you to the point where they’re not going to give you the answers, but they’re going to give you an example of how you’re supposed to do it so that you can figure it out on your own.


What does it mean to be part of the CJA community?

It’s very fun and unique. Since it’s a new school for me, it’s been very good because I like how people have welcomed me. The CJA community is fun! 


Why is it important that we started enrolling girls at CJA?

This is a really good school, and I am glad CJA started enrolling girls because I was looking for a new school, and this is the perfect fit for me. It’s a helping environment.


Why do you feel like CJA is a good fit for you?

Even though we stay later here, until 4:30 pm, it’s good because I get to learn a lot of cool new stuff. We learn hard stuff but in a fun way. My teachers make sure that our work is suitable for us. 


What is something you’ve learned from a social worker this year?

Something I’ve learned from the social workers is how to make a safe environment for everyone. We have to show respect to one another and let each other be vulnerable. 


What’s your favorite thing about CJA?

My favorite thing about CJA is definitely the teachers because they’re all so welcoming. I’m in the fifth-grade classroom, and my teachers welcome me and they give me a hug or fist bump or good morning greeting when we come in in the morning. They never try to make you feel bad about yourself. They always want what’s best for you.


What is it like to be a leader of the girls at CJA?

CJA only goes to fifth grade for girls right now, so we have to lead by example. You have to show the younger girls what to do and how to do it properly. You have to be a person for others. 


Tell me more about being a person for others.

A person for others is a person who does a good deed for somebody – cares for a friend or helps someone – but not because they want to be seen or be thanked. Even if you’re not close with someone, you still can be a person for others for them, too. If they need help with something, you should help out.


How does it feel when you have people who are good examples around you?

I know when people help me it’s not because there’s something wrong with me – that just means I can’t do it right yet. Somebody is wanting to teach me because it’s a learning environment. You are always learning even when you’re not doing schoolwork.


What is your favorite grad-at-grad value?

Loving because you always have to be loving to one another. That’s how you show great sportsmanship, that’s how you are a leader and that’s how you lead by example. Being loving is treating somebody with kindness and respect – respecting what they do and their opinions. Even when you disagree with someone, you still need to show love. 


What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for my family, for God and for my friends. My family, I love them so much, and we have an epic bond. My friends because I can’t do much without my friends. They’re like family to me, and I love that. I also love the teachers and everyone else here because everyone is so kind to one another.