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Wish List

Thank you for your interest in supporting our students. Please contact Danielle Pernini at pernini@cjacademy.org if you are interested in donating an item from our Wish List.

Clothing Wish List
Men’s undershirts (sizes S, M, L and XL)
Belts, brown and black (sizes L30-36)
Sturdy backpacks
Khaki pants (especially larger sizes, i.e. W28-44/L26-36)
Office-appropriate clothing for high school age alumni
– Slacks, black/brown/navy/gray (sizes W30-38/L26-36)
– Button-down dress shirts (adult sizes S-L)
Shoelaces, brown and black

Co-curricular Wish List
Sponsor a team!
Basketball cart
Lacrosse balls
Soccer balls
CJA branding/embroidery for Track Team’s uniforms
New or slightly used, smaller-size Draft bikes (5-7); can be purchased via CJA Bike Club partner, West Town Bikes
Helmets, new or used (15)

College-Persistence Programs Wish List
Frequent flier miles
Sponsorships for summer enrichment opportunities, athletic camps, and other programs
Catholic High School Entrance Exam Prep book (10)
SSAT test prep materials: Math (5), Cracking the SSAT (5), SSAT Study System (5)
Employment or internship opportunities for alumni
$5 Subway gift cards
Target or Amazon gift cards
CTA passes

General Wish List
Window Boxes (2 boxes 7″ wide x 30″ long; 6 boxes 7″ wide x 36″ long)
Ground coffee
Electric Pencil Sharpeners
Dry erase markers
Long-Arm Stapler
Globe (3)
Graph paper
Loose leaf binder paper
Postage stamps
Hanging File Folders
Manila File Folders
Avery filing and mailing labels
Floor lamps

Jazz Band Wish List (purchase here or here)
Trumpet tuning slide grease (15 containers)
Trombone tuning slide cream (5 containers)
Trombone Slide Cream (5 bottles)
Alto Reeds (4 boxes 2 1/2 strength, 4 boxes 3 strength)
Tenor Reeds (4 boxes 2 1/2 strength, 4 boxes 3 strength)

Language Arts Wish List
Beanbag Chairs
Amazon Library Book List
Naming the World: A Year of Poems and Lessons
Amazon Gift Cards (ideally $50 increments) for classroom library book purchases

Learning Resource Center Wish List
Wilson Reading System Word Cards (2 sets)

Lower School Wish List
Kinesthetic stools (6)
Hundreds Pocket Chart (6)
Base Ten Set (6)
Visible timer
Wiggle Seat (4)
Bulletin board borders
Personal Dry Erase Boards (set of 12) (2)
Math Manipulative Cubes (3)
Fraction Strips (12)
Adult Rocking Chairs (2) (similar to this)

Math Wish List
Geometer’s SketchPad for Advanced Math students
5th Grade Math Kit from EAI Education
100 Grid Poster
Dual Scale Meter Sticks (10)
Everything Math Decks (10)
Fraction Circles (20)
Fraction and Decimal Tiles
Fraction Circles and Squares
Individual White Boards and Markers (20)
Probability Spinners
Shatterproof Protractors
Educational Insights Mathshark
NewPath Learning 10 Piece Mastering Math Visual Learning Guides Set, Grade 6
NewPath Learning Geometry and Measurement Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart Set, Grade 4-6
NewPath Learning Math Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart Set, Grade 6
Number Line 
Grade 6 Math Kit
I Have, Who Has? Math Classroom Set: Grades 5-6: Set of 7
TI-83 Plus Graphic Calculators
Basic Calculators

Nurse and Social Workers Wish List
Orthodontic services so our young men who need it can have braces
Professional Evaluation Services
Ace wraps
Nail clippers
Nail brushes
Small sewing kits
Eye glass repair kits
Pedometers (12)
Cough drops
Dental Floss
Sample size deodorant
Board Games & Card Games:
– Connect Four
– Guess Who
– Heads Up for Kids
– Shoots & Ladders
– Sorry
– Uno

Science Wish List
Indoor potted plants
Reading Science

Technology Wish List
New or used iPads