Learning Resource Center

Like all schools, CJA’s students have unique learning styles and myriad needs.  The Learning Resource Center (LRC) helps ensure that all learners can build their skills, challenge themselves and continually grow at CJA. 

The Learning Resource team is comprised of:

  • Donna Bronner, Speech & Language Therapist
  • Anne Durkin, LRC Faculty
  • Rebecca Malley, LRC Faculty
  • Gretchen Geerts-Melaniphy, LRC Faculty
  • Sara Powers, LRC Faculty
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Director of Learning Support

The goal of the Learning Resource Center is to provide research-based academic support for all students at CJA. The Learning Resource Center prioritizes core classes and focused time outside of core classes to implement individualized interventions. This enables diverse learners to participate in differentiated core course materials and instruction time with their classmates.

For reading support, for example, approximately 28% of our student body participates in small-group supports using the Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) and Wilson Reading System curriculum.   The LLI and Wilson groups are run by Ms. Wilson, Ms. Powers, teachers, volunteers and staff who are trained in using the curriculum.


All interventions are research-based and individualized to target specific student needs.  Interventions do not replace core classroom curriculum, rather they supplement it in ways that strengthen students’ skills and enable increased academic success.