Class of 2025

What is it like being in seventh grade?

I’m doing my best. My favorite class is Science, so I am doing really well in that class. You work with a group to do experiments, and it’s fun! Mr. Houlihan is my Science teacher, and that’s part of why it is so fun.

Seventh grade is hard because you have to do a lot of homework. If you don’t do it, you have to go to the Homework Club, which is hard!  

Who are some of the people that you lean on to get through that work?

My friend, Tyler. There is stuff he doesn’t know as well that I know, and stuff I don’t know as well that he does. So, we help each other out. He helps me build up my knowledge. 

For teachers, I’d say Mr. Brooks. He keeps it real with me. He holds me accountable. He really helps me be a better person. 

What’s something you have learned from a social worker this year?

Think before you speak. You don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. 

What’s the difference between sixth grade and seventh grade?

Oh my goodness. There is definitely more work. When I was in sixth grade, I used to look up to the seventh and eighth graders. Now, they look up to us, and I have to do the right thing for them! 

What is something you’ve learned from the learning interventionists?

They have helped me read better. They help me build up my skills, especially in Math. I’ve learned so much stuff that I didn’t know before that they helped me learn.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the CJA community? 

They have your back, and they will help you. What I’ve learned here is that you can get places you want to be when you work hard enough. 

I feel appreciated. Me getting that support is pushing me to do stuff that I couldn’t do when I was younger. It’s helped me be a better person and make sure my grades are up. 

What’s something that you are thankful for?

CJA and my family – most especially my 2-year-old brother. I get to watch him a lot, and he makes me want to be a better person. Being with him is like getting a bigger heart. 

What is your favorite grad-at-grad value?

Love because you show love to your family, and your family shows love back, and that makes me feel important.