Class of 2026

What subject do you like most?

The thing that I enjoy most is getting to read. At the end of Language Arts and Reading (LA/R), we do something called GIR: Guided Independent Reading. It’s time to read a book of your choice. I like some graphic novels and regular novels. I really liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Ms. Balla-Elliot gives us short novels like Flat Stanley. I really like it. 

What are you reading in LA/R right now?

I’m reading a book called 90 Miles to Havana. It’s about a boy named Julian which is spelled J-u-l-i-an, but it is pronounced hoo-lee-ahn. It’s about his life and how he moved from Havana to Miami through something called Operation Pedro Pan.

What else do you like to do at CJA?

I like to draw in the new Art Room. This is something we get to do during recess. I like to draw mini comic strips. 

What brings you joy?

Robotics does. I like being able to build fidgets out of the Lego pieces. I’ve built all gear tops, which are just the spinning tops, but instead, it’s a gear and an axle. I like coding a lot too. 

I also really like [co-curricular] Games Club. I got to build a bunch of marble runs which was really fun. I also met my friend, Bruce, who introduced me to Scratch. It’s a coding website where people make games and videos. 

Who are your teachers?

Ms. Balla-Elliot and Ms. O’Shea. I really like them. They’re very kind. 

What does it mean to be part of the CJA community?  

To be holy and Christian. Pray more. 

What do you like to do outside of CJA?

Mostly draw, play games and relax. I draw little comics with just one character I made up. He’s a goofy guy, and sometimes he gets on people’s nerves. 

Why do you think it’s important we started to enroll girls at CJA? 

We want to expand the number of students that come here. There may be a bunch of boys that want to get into the school, but there are girls too! I have a younger sister who is seven. I think she might come to CJA. 

What’s your favorite thing you get to do now that we’ve renovated and expanded campus?

Go to the new library and pick out new books. There are a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kids books there. 

Sometimes when I can’t find a book, I ask [the volunteer school librarian] Ms. Kash for recommendations. 

What’s your favorite grad-at-grad value?

Loving is my favorite because we need more loving people in this world. 

Who in the CJA community is an example of being loving? 

Ms. Balla Elliot — I’ve known her for two years, and she’s been pretty kind.