Who We Are

Mission: Chicago Jesuit Academy offers children with educational and economic needs access to a Catholic, college preparatory middle school education in the Jesuit tradition. Additionally, CJA provides advocacy and the long-term resources to help students develop the moral and intellectual foundation to succeed in college prep high schools, universities and their adult roles as family, business and community leaders.

Vision: Chicago Jesuit Academy offers a rigorous academic environment that develops the whole student academically and socially in accord with the Jesuit mission and tradition. CJA invites students to become persons for others who aspire to be loving, intellectually competent, open to growth, religious and committed to doing justice in the service of others. Chicago Jesuit Academy actively shares best practices with other institutions. CJA partners with the broader community to promote transformative educational resources, greater social justice and a deeper understanding of the obstacles to equality.

Means: Chicago Jesuit Academy is a full-scholarship institution. The success of CJA’s mission is made possible by the ongoing and disciplined sacrifices of the Academy’s students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, volunteers and benefactors.

Our Students

In order to qualify for admission to CJA, each young man needs to have passed the fourth grade and qualify for the free or reduced lunch program or his family must be experiencing an extraordinary financial hardship. CJA seeks to serve students who could not otherwise afford a private education. The median household income for our families is $23,882.

Chicago Jesuit Academy serves students regardless of their past academic achievement. CJA has enrolled students spanning the 1st to the 99th percentiles on their standardized basic skills tests at their prior schools.

Neighborhoods Religious Makeup Ethnic Makeup
Neighborhood % Religion % Ethnicity %
Austin 45% Baptist 48% Black 90%
Garfield Park 21% Other Christian 38% Hispanic 9%
Lawndale 6% Roman Catholic 7% Biracial 1%
Other (21)   28% Not Reported 7%    

Nativity Model Schools

In 2005, the Archdiocese of Chicago agreed to partner with the Jesuits in Chicago to create Chicago Jesuit Academy – the sixteenth Jesuit Nativity school in the country – as a demonstration project in urban Catholic education on Chicago’s West Side. Like students at other Jesuit Nativity schools, our students use small classes, extended academic days and an 11-month school year to prepare themselves for success in college prep high schools, colleges and positions of community leadership.

The sixteen Jesuit Nativity model middle schools operate throughout the country in cities including New York, Boston, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Washington, DC. Nativity alumni have earned admission to outstanding universities including Boston College, Brown, Georgetown, Holy Cross, the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins and Marquette University. Ninety-four percent of Nativity alumni earn their high school degree. Eighty-nine percent of those who earn their high school degree enroll in a college or university. Within the Nativity model, the Jesuits have been able to work in partnership with Catholic dioceses across the country to replicate this innovative model of urban Catholic education.

Jesuit Network

Like St. Ignatius College Prep, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola Academy and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School before it, Chicago Jesuit Academy educates students in Chicago to be “men and women for others” in the Jesuit tradition. Chicago Jesuit Academy students receive a level of personal care or cura personalis that is the hallmark of Jesuit education.

Students at Chicago Jesuit Academy benefit from a special relationship with Loyola Academy and St. Ignatius College Prep. In addition to hosting CJA students for frequent visits to their campuses and including CJA students in their camps and summer programs, Loyola and St. Ignatius stand ready to support graduates of Chicago Jesuit Academy when they continue their college prep education in high school. This includes commitments by Loyola and St. Ignatius to meet full financial need for any academically qualified graduates of Chicago Jesuit Academy who earn admission to Loyola or St. Ignatius. As an additional support, Loyola also charters a school bus to the CJA campus to help CJA alumni who attend Loyola — as well as other Loyola students from the West Side — safely travel to and from Loyola’s campus each school day.

For more information about the Jesuits and their commitment to living a faith that does justice in the service of others, please visit: www.jesuits-chgdet.org.

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